Monday, June 1, 2015

June 2015 MLC

"In this ever more technological world, the way to prepare these missionaries for their future is not to quarantine them from, but to prepare them for, technology. . .Now is the time for them to learn to avoid temptations and snares that they will surely encounter when they return home."

                                                                          Elder Russell M. Nelson

In our MLC this month our Zone Leaders prepared to train each district  as we add yet another wonderful tool to our teaching bag, iPads!

We took a beautiful hike in the woods after MLC.

Back Row:  Elders LeBaron, Liston, Harper, Masina, O'Brien, Kocherhans, Gates, Holiday, Sistes Talbot, Jarvis, Bills, Duncan, 
Front row:  Elders Boren, Stallings, Garduno, Crooks, Birrell, Baxter, Brimley, Sisters Bradshaw, Sparks, Sampson, Ludwig, Cottam, Palmer, Rosengren, Johnson and President Johnson

Front row:  Sisters Sampson, Ludwig, Rosengren, Bradshaw
Middle row:  Sisters Sparks, Bills, Cottam and Jarvis
Back:  Sisters Duncan, Talbot and Palmer

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