Sunday, January 11, 2015

December 2014 Zone Conference in Harrisburg

Harrisburg, Lancaster and Chambersburg Zones

We enjoyed an abundance of beautiful CHRISTMAS music throughout the conference!  There are many talented musicians and vocalists throughout the PPM!

Sister Stokes and Sister Rosengren

One of Santa's elves????

Who will win the crazy sweater award?

Will it be Elder Haws?  Elder Tidwell might vote yes!

The Harrisburg Zone

Our very wonderful hostesses for lunch!

A happy bunch after a delicious lunch!

Elder Woods, Sisters Baltizar, Romero and Lamphier

Sisters Petersen and Jones behind Elders Gray and Watkins

Could it be Rudolph?

The Big-3 zones

Sisters Moss and Berry with Sister and President Johnson

President Johnson, Siste Endter and Sister Johnson

"Selfie" Sisters Gates, Johnson, Endter and Romero

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