Thursday, January 15, 2015

December 2014 Transfers

Every six weeks we have a new crew of missionaries arrive from the MTC.  At the same time we have many missionaries who have completed their missions and are ready to go home.   This creates quite a whirlwind in the mission as new companionships are considered and areas increase or decrease in the number of missionaries serving there.  Now that we have been through this process several times, I am truly in awe of the way that it happens and the Lords hand in these decisions.   How very grateful I am to have this opportunity to be part of His great hastening!  Transfer day:

Bishop Hoke with Sisters Denny, Smith, Brown and Yeates.  These sisters served in his ward at some point in their time here and are headed home.

Elders Durham and Hale

The lunch bunch which includes new missionaries and their trainers "to be".

New companionship! Sisters Sparks and Cottam

The keys to the cars table!  Elder Bentley does a fantastic job with all the details of the fleet!

Hello or Goodbye?  Elders Packard and . . .
Elder Boekweg 

Chance to hug a previous companion!  Sister Baltizar and Sister Duncan

Sister Wyasket got mail!  Elders Bryant and Taylor hoping this is all!

Elder Stowe and Sister White

Questions for President Johnson?

New companionship Sister Amandola and Sister Jones

Elders Henshaw, Childs and Harper

Elder Smith ready for?

Sister Burnett and Elder Sorenson

Sisters Berry and Burnett

One last goodbye. . . 

Elders Clegg and Baxter

Elder Hill making memories with Sister Jones and Purcell cheering him on!

Elders Hill and Stowe being a memory!

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