Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Off They Go!

"Something wonderful happens when a missionary realizes that the work isn't about them, but it is about the Lord Jesus Christ." 
                                                                      Elder Dale G. Renlund

Sister Jackson being trained by Sister Smith.

Elder Goulding being trained by Elder Richardson.

Sister Morgan will train Sister Beckstrand

Elder Ross is training Elder Daines

Elder Cook training Elder Dunkley

Elder Hansen training Elder Rich

Sister Yorgason training Sister Volk

Elder Smith will train Elder Bryan.

Sister Brunner training Sister Hansen

Sister Carr will be trained by Sister Wall

Elder Payne will be trained by Elder Story

Elder Gray will be training Elder Teoyoti Rojas

Sister Fenton training Sister Mackelprang

Elder Kneiting will train Elder Kinman

Elder Nuttall will be training Elder Whitehead.

Sister McDonald training Sister Roper

Elder Aguinaga training Elder Cannon

Elder Loreto will train Elder Heywood

Elder Herzog training Elder Madsen

Elder Zubeck training Elder Li

Elder Kotter will train Elder Huff

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