Sunday, August 7, 2016

August 2016 Welcome to the PPM

Missionaries are to go "in the power of the ordination wherewith they have been ordained, proclaiming glad tidings of great joy, even the everlasting gospel."  D&C 79:1

A fine looking group!

Waiting for the van 
Elders Alaguretnam, Nuttall, Davis, Gneiting and Gallini

Elders Gneiting, Jones, Aguinaga, and Sister Fenton

Elder Bledsoe

Elder Bryner and Elder Noyes

Sisters Jacobson, Dean, Nelson, Elders Richardson, Gray and Argyle

Getting I-Pads up and going

Receiving safeguards training.

Tuesday morning  - more training!

Front: Sisters Gardner, Chambers, Fenton, Nelson, Dean, Jacobson, Brunner and Johnson
Elders Richardson, Argyle, Davis, Alaguretnam, Richards, Gray, Jones, Gneiting and Pres. Johnson 
Back: Elders Nuttall, Aguinaga, Gallini, Bryner, Noyes, Riggs, Bledsoe, and Payne

Wonderful lunch hostesses:  Sisters Ewing-Di-Bari, Gardner, Christensen and Joseph

Trainers and trainees meet together to receive their assignments.

Elder Wilson will be training Elder Payne

Elder Alaguretnam left and Elder Gallini right will be trained by Elder Calaway center

Elder Aguinaga will be trained by Elder Millis

Elder Richards left and Elder Davis right will be trained by Elder Cook center

Elder Jones will be trained by Elder English

Elder Walker is training Elder Richardson

Elder Averett will train Elder Nuttall

Sister Palmer training Sister Fenton

Elder Ross will train Elder Argyle

Sister Paine will train Sister Gardner

Elder Gray will be trained by Elder Hansen

Sister Thorson is training Sister Chambers

Elder Ord will train Elder Bryner

Sister Bowden will be training Sister Nelson

Elder Hughes will train Elder Noyes

Sister Jacobson will be trained by Sister McDonald

Elder Bell training Elder Bledsoe

Sister Schofield is training Sister Dean

Elder Baker training Elder Gneiting

Elder Smedley training Elder Riggs

Sister Ewell will be training Sister Brunner

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  1. Next week it's my turn!!! to be part of this mission!!!!!

    Elder Dagal