Sunday, June 19, 2016

June 2016 ZONE CONFERENCE in State College

Have you ever had a concern or a question or problem that you couldn't seem to find an answer for?  

The young Joseph Smith showed us the pattern of faith in seeking for an answer to a question or problem!  

Joseph was confused by the differences among the many churches in his area and wanted to know which church was right. Knowing he lacked wisdom, he followed the counsel found in the Bible, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him” (James 1:5).  

    -Recognizing he lacked wisdom (he was humble)
    -He counseled with local church leaders in the area and with his family
    -Looked in the scriptures for counsel
    -He acted on the scripture in faith - he expected God to answer!  
    -Ultimately he sought counsel of God

Joseph counseled with Heavenly Father in the woods that day, he went with sincere desire to receive counsel!

Do you think he expected to see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ?  Do you think he was surprised by the answer (counsel he was given) he received?  

He sought counsel from the ultimate and true source and then when he received he stayed true to that counsel!

Front: President and Sister Johnson, Sisters Campbell, Thompson, Elder and Sister Samuelson, Sister and Elder Christensen, Sister Farnes, Roberts, Ewing-Di Bari, President Mauro
Row 2:  Sisters Simonsen, Bowden, Ewell, Wentzel, Wadsworth, Paine, DeMille, Morrison, Hartman, Brown, Thorsen, Crockett and Allen
Row 3:  Elders Smith, Holdaway, Richens, Segon, Averett, Zubeck, Swisher, Smedley, Selfridge, Davidson, Mueller, and Wilt
Row 4:  Elders Eubanks, Hansen, LaFon, Saylor, Cook, Holman, Johnson, Haroldsen, Calaway, Kotter
Row 5:  Elders Uchityl, Draper, Curtis, Montgomery, Liston, Ord, Robertson, Halls, Simmons and Holbrook

Sisters Thompson and Campbell

Elders Saylor and Swisher


Elder Davidson, Sister Roberts and Elder Montgomery 

Elders Averett, Johnson, and Sister Morrison

Sisters Bowden, Ewell, Hansen and Zubeck

Elder Robertson and Eubanks

Elders Eubanks and Robertson with Sisters DeMille and Simonsen

Elders LaFon and Kotter

Our wonderful lunch team!

Elders LaFon, Haroldsen, and Holbrook

Elders Segon and Curtis

Lunch helpers!

Elders Calaway, Zubeck, Robertson, and Richens

Elder Johnson, Sisters Ewell, Wentzel, Bowden and Wadsworth

Singing our thanks!

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