Saturday, February 27, 2016

Excellent News

The following is an update President Johnson sent the missionaries yesterday.  

"Sister Johnson and I drove to the East side of the mission this morning and were able to see all three of the sisters who were injured in the car accident February 9.  We have excellent news to report.


Sister Young has made remarkable progress.  She is sitting up, talking and feeding herself regular food – she had pizza on her plate when we walked in.  Importantly, she has that glow about her that one always felt in her presence and that made her a truly outstanding missionary. One of the trauma doctors told her parents that they had not dealt with a case quite like hers and that her progress has been “miraculous”.  There is still some concern about infections and other issues that could derail some of the improvements, but she is making great strides down her long road to full recovery.  Her parents have been by her side every minute and have provided amazing support.


Sister Faamaile has made so much progress that her doctor cleared her to go back to work.  This afternoon she returned to Shippensburg where she was joined by her new companion, Sister Noorlander, who will help her complete the last six weeks of training.


Sister Douglas has also made real progress.  However, her concussion was very severe and will require her to return to Utah tomorrow, where she will complete the recovery and recuperation.  She very much wants to stay but recognizes going home will help ensure a complete recovery.  She is excited for the day when she is fully recovered and will return to complete her mission in the PPM.  Her mother has been with her and Sister Faamaile 24/7, in the only trio that involved a Trainer, a Junior Companion and a “Senior/mother”.


Thanks to all for the prayers that have helped get these three sisters to this point on their recovery journey.  All have expressed a deep thanks for the prayers, kind words and thoughts offered on their behalf.  Keep those prayers coming as they will be needed in the weeks and months ahead."


God bless,


President Johnson

Sister Young in the Intensive Care Unit at Hershey Medical

With her parents

Sister Anne Douglas with Sister Faamaile and Daughter Sister Douglas


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  2. Im happy for all the sisters and glad that you are ok but always remember sister wells keep her in ur heart and thoughts she is in the home of our, Heavenly Father We love you. Sister Fix of, Pottsville Branch soon, Lancaster Pennsylvania Ward

  3. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

    Sister Barbara. Indiana pa Branch.