Friday, January 8, 2016

December 2015 Welcome to the PPM

In December we welcomed fifteen new missionaries into the PPM!  Winter storms and heavy travel time through the holidays caused delays and a two day stay in Detroit for some of the group. We were relieved and excited to finally greet them at the airport!

"As a disciple of Christ we can ask for more energy, more revelation, more patience, more self-discipline, more help, more love, more healing, more happiness. We can ask for miracles, for freedom from pain, and for the desire to forgive. We can ask for more faith and for help and becoming better disciples.  We can ask for angels to walk with us, because if we live up to our privileges, they just can't be restrained from being our associates.  We can also ask for help to understand why the Lord sometimes responds to our requests and other time manifests his grace in our lives differently then we may have hoped.  The Lord's timing and his wisdom about what we need at any given point in our lives reigns supreme."  Sheri Dew

Sister Azucena (Phillipines) and Sister Danso (South Africa) join the PPM from Temple Square for three months.

President Johnson welcomes Sister Kwasney

Sister Morrison will train Sister Kwasney 

President Johnson welcomes Sisters Faamaile and Roberts

Middle Front:  Elder Goeckeritz, Sisters Johnson, Brown, Evenson, President and Sister Johnson
2nd Row Left:  Elders Kotter, Davidson and English
Back left:  Elders Worsham, Calaway and Coburn

Left:  Elders Miller, Goeckeritz, Calaway, Kotter, Clarkson, Gardner and Sister Gardner 

Left:  Sisters Morrison, Kwasney, Elder and Sister Christensen, Pres. Johnson , Sisters Clarkson, Smith

Left:  Sisters Brown, Johnson, Sibley, Evenson, Joseph, Hansen, Palmer and Douglas

Left:  Sisters Roberts, Faamaile, Elders Camp, Baxter, Davidson, English and Worsham

Left:  Elders Coburn, White, O'Keefe, LeBaron, Hummer, Bryant and Gull

Elder Calaway and Elder Kotter 

Elder O'Keefe training Elder Goeckeritz 

Sister Sibley will train Sister Roberts

Elder Kotter being trained by Elder Baxter

Sister Hansen will train Sister Johnson

Elder Davidson being trained by Elder LeBaron

Elder English being trained by Elder Camp

Sisters Smith training Sister Evenson

Sister Palmer training Sister Brown

Elder Calaway being trained by Elder Hummer

Sister Douglas will train Sister Faamaile 

Elder Coburn will be trained by Elder White

Elder Worsham will be trained by Elder Gull

Sister Jarvis and Sister Danso 

Sister Azucena with Sisters Campbell and Sister Wells (in a live nativity first night she was here!)

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