Friday, September 11, 2015

Why I Believe Firesides

We had our fourth mission fireside last night.  This one was in Chambersburg.  Bubba Palomar was the guest speaker and shared his story with about 350 people.  Our missionary choir did and exceptional job along with a beautiful solo by Sister Simpson.  Bubba' story is summarized in a video clip on the Mormon Channel called "His Grace".


Sisters Amendola and Meyers

Elders Defreese, Tunquist, Curtis, Gates and Kapp

Sisters Smith and Blackwell with Elder Schofield

Elder Uchityl with Bubba

Sisters Allen, Campbell and Thompson, Bubba Palomar, ? and Sister Bennett

Sister Hartman and Sister Roberts with Bubba Palomar

Elder May, Brother Johnson, Elders Kapp, Millis and Posada


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