Saturday, May 2, 2015

Farewell to Yinz! April 2015

Another group of great missionaries have completed their time in the PPM. An analogy we shared with them is to "stay in the boat"!  Life can be compared to traveling down a river and it is imperative to have a good boat to weather the rapids.  The boat could be compared to the Doctrine of Christ which is our purpose as missionaries.  This is not something that we leave behind when we go home because it is essential  for salvation.  If they will hold fast to the doctrine of Christ throughout their lives they can face any challenge with confidence in Jesus Christ.  If they jump out of the boat and try traveling the river without the boat, they will be subject to the rapids without the protection and strength of Christ.  We pray that each of you will stay in the boat as you continue on your journey!
Elder Gibson ready to go!
Front:  Sisters Anderson, Hathaway, and Wilde
2nd row:  Sisters Lopez, Stokes and Gates, Elders Hill, Adamson (behind), Elder Andersen
Couch:  Elders Weatherston, McDonald, Gibson, Justessen, Almond, Devey, Taylor, Boekweg, Vasallo, Peers  back:  Elder Doyle
PJ Time - Elder McDonald
Elder Vasallo saying farewell to His companion Elder Harper
Elder Vasallo with his father!
Sister Wilde and . . . Her parents!

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