Friday, March 20, 2015

Changes...March 2015

Elder Grimmett heading off to Gettysburg

Sisters Smith and Oliver - Wheeling

Sister Beutler and Purcell - Beaver Valley

Elders Wilson and Andrade - Pitt 5

Elder Haws - State College with Cooley

Sister Talbot  Gettysburg with Sister Bills

Elders Masina and Stowe - Altoona

Sister Sparks - University with Sister Peterson

Elder Averett - Lancaster with Elder Gray

Elder Draper - York with Elder Gates

Elders Green and Linford - Altoona

Elders Hughes and Hale - Ridgeway

Sisters Crockett and Lindsay - Brookville

Elders Duffy and Boekweg - Somerset 

Elder Garduno and Elder Brimley - Erie

Elder Bashein off to E-Town with Elder Shepard

Elders O'Keefe and Saylor - Indiana North

Elder Andrade - Jamestown with Elder Wright

Sisters Wade and Wyasket - Pittsburgh 4th North

Elders Isom and Wells - Cranberry

Elders Watkins and Johnson - Beaver Valley

Elders Andersen and Schofield - Warren 

Sisters Toupin and Robinson - Cranberry

Elder Adamson, Mason and Trotman - Uniontown

Sister Davis and Sister Gates - Butler

Sisters Cottam and Duncan - Pitt 2

Elders Haskins and Gibson - Cranberry 

Sisters Rosengren and Tolman - Pitt 3 

Elders Muir and Thurtle - Meadville 

Elders Saylor and Uchytil - Pitt 3

Elders Christensen and Gee - Knox

 Elder Bell - Lancaster with Elder Doyle

Sister Sampson - Lockhaven with Sister Hodson

Elder Holman - Lebanon with Elder Crook

Elders Ivie and Almond - Pitt 7

Elder Draper - Erie

Sisters Smith & Morphy
Elders Hunsaker and Hinckley

Elders Liston, Duffy, Averett, Schofield, Anderson 

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