Sunday, September 14, 2014

Out With the Old . . . In With the New!

Every 6 weeks we welcome new missionaries to the PPM and we say farewell to those who have faithfully served - 18 months for the sisters and 24 months for the elders,  I truly stand all amazed at their devotion to the Lord and the fine teachers they have become!

On August 11, 2014 we welcomed 14 new missionaries.  Here they are on our stop at Mt. Washington above Pittsburgh on the way to the mission home.

Left front:  Sisters Bills, Duncan, Robinson, Johnson,  Elders Shields, Whitby, DeFreese, Carlisle, 
                 Lundgren, Garduno
Left back:  Elders Dennison, Devey, President Johnson, Elders Draper, Masina, Gee, Miller, Woll

Older but much wiser!  Left to Right:  Elders Larsen, Allred, Hunt, Perkins, Jones, Lozano,
Bowles, Gassman, Fairbourn, King. Seated below:  Sisters Plater, Ferrin, Hallsted

We welcomed sister Kuo, a Temple Square missionary from Taiwan to the PPM for two transfers. Sister Stokes (left), Sister Kuo (center), Sister Weloth

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